Sunday, June 20, 2010

1. You'​re trapped in a room for 3 days with your ex, what do you do?
catch up with each other's life :)

2. You' ​re stuck​ on an elevator with the person you have fallen the hardest for. What happens?​
silence for maybe 30mins, and then the random talk begins.

3. Do you want to marry​ your boyfriend/girlfriend​?​
maybe my future promising bf.

4. When is the last time you were in a photo​booth​ taking pictures with friends?​
does sisters counts? coupla days ago at ptc

5. Who'​s the last person you had a sleep​over with?​

6. Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoid​ed seeing them?​

7. On average,​ what do you think​ you cry about​ the most?​
family matters. and goodbyes. and when someone cries, I tend to cry too. weird, huh?

8. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex that you can tell every​thing​ to?
I used to

9. Does it matte​r to you if your boyfriend/​girlfriend​ smoke​s?​
yes. he must not smoke. EVER.

10.Do you think​ you have made a difference​ in anyone'​s life?​
not yet

11.Which​ of your friends is the easiest to talk to?
siskaa, kuskus, daniel, and my 7 other girls :D

12.What' ​s going​ on between you and the last person you kissed?​
havent kiss no one

13.Are you going​ anywhere next summer?​
dont think so, but I wish I can go homeeeee

14.Are you waiting for anyone to call right​ now?

15.Are you shy?
occasionally yes

16.Are you talkative?​
yes, no doubt abt that

17.Do you announce when you have to pee?

18.Who was the last person you cried​ in front​ of?
levina and vina. and the cry was un-hold-able (is that even a word?)

19.Are you good at hiding your feelings?​

20.How is life going​ for you right​ now?
chaotic and sad and happy at the same time

21.Do you trust​ people easily?​
no. not every people r kind

22.Do you give out second​ chances easily?​

23.Do you smile​ a lot?
according to me, smtms, but ppl seems to think that I never smile =="

24.One thing​ you'​re looking forward to?
going to melbourne and start my new life.

25.How do you feel about​ change?​
well I need change, in a good way, and I accept changes

26.Have you ever cried​ from being​ so mad?

27.Do you get the recommended eight​ hours​ of sleep​ each night​?​

28.Are you ticklish?​
I was.

copied from Emma.

too lazy to write anything, since I have the tumblr. :P

what we could have been, 10:33 PM.
Monday, May 17, 2010

Think Like A Man - Orianthi 

Must be you if the phone don't ring
Here I am obsessing
He loves me, yea, he loves me not
I tell myself I should just learn to shut up
No I need to be like you

Ignore my emotions emotions are dumb
The channels, still my senses are numb
Shorten my attention span,
I should think like a man

Stick my foot in my mouth and just run away
Turn off my cell, I ain't got nothing to say
Disappear and not give a dam
I should think like a man
Think like a man

Oblivious it must be nice
Nothing spoils your appetite
Your checking out every blonde in sight
Your telling me that it's just all in my mind
Yea I want to be like you

Ignore my emotions emotions are dumb
The channels, still my senses are numb
Shorten my attention span,
I should think like a man

Stick my foot in my mouth and just run away
Turn off my cell, I ain't got nothing to say
Disappear and not give a dam
I should think like a man
I should think like a man

I could save myself so much trouble
I could save myself this heartache
But it's the best advice I know I'll never ever take

Yea I got to, I need to, I want to be like you

Ignore my emotions emotions are dumb
The channels, still my senses are numb
Shorten my attention span,
I should think like a man

Stick my foot in my mouth and just run away
Turn off my cell, I ain't got nothing to say
Disappear and not give a dam
I should think like a man
I should think like a man
I should think like a man

what we could have been, 9:58 AM.
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

*Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy:
1. My girlssss and my family :D
3. Books
4. Holidays
5. Good food
6. Shopping
7. Being slim.
8. Getting a great score on my own
9. Successfully cook/bake something
10. Get things i really want

*Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.
1. I love my girls. I love 'em for making my days so colorful :P
2. Havent been seriously in love with someone since 11th grade.
3. I love MUSIC :D
4. I hate conflicts.
5. I love DOGS :D

*Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing.

*Link the blog of the person who awarded you.
thanks darling :D

what we could have been, 6:25 PM.
Monday, April 26, 2010

1. Last beverage: aqua
2. Last phone call: dad
3. Last text message: lauren
4. Last song you listened to: Twisted - Carrie Underwood
5. Last time you cried: yesterday, from watching Grey's Anatomy =_="

6. Dated someone twice: no
7. Been cheated on: no
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: no.
9. Lost someone special : yeeea
10. Been depressed: a lot of times
11. Been drunk and threw up: no ofc

12. red
13. orange
14. black

15. Made a new friend: yep
17. Laughed until you *nearly* cried: well, I did cry :P
18. Met someone who changed you: no
19. Found out who your true friends were: YES!
20. Found out someone was talking about you: yeah
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: nonono
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: 80%
23. How many kids do you want to have: 1 or 2. boy and girl, or just girl.
24. Do you have any pets: yessss <3
25. Do you want to change your name: no, but I want to add another name in it
26. What did you do for your last birthday: lunch with family and friends :)
27. What time did you wake up today: 6.15am
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleep
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: the end of this week!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: at Sunday
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: a lot
32. What are you listening to right now: Looking Up - Paramore
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no, I guess
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: my grandma
35. Most visited webpage: twitter. facebook.
36. Whats your real name: claudia y.
37. Nicknames: clodd
38. Relationship Status: single.
39. Zodiac sign?: virgo
40. Male or female?: female
41. Elementary?: sanmar
42. Middle School?: sanmar
43. High school/college?: Sinlui 1
44. Hair colour: black
45. Long or short: medium
46. Height: 164cm

47. Do you have a crush on someone?: yes
48: What do you like about yourself?: my ability to not get so emotional in every aspect
49. Piercings: yep
50. Tattoos: nope
51. Righty or lefty: righty

52. First surgery: a little surgery to remove my 'andeng2' at 9th grade
53. First piercing: babyy
54. First best friend: stephanie odelia
55. First sport you joined: swimming
56. First vacation: padang
58. First pair of trainers: forgottt

59. Eating: no
60. Drinking: no
61. Doing: this
62. Listening to: my life would suck without you - glee cast version
63. Waiting on: 2nd of May = FREEDOM!

64. Want kids?: yea
65. Get Married?: yea
66. Career?: manager or CEO or owner

67. Lips or eyes: eyes
68. Hugs or kisses: hugs and kisses :P
69. Shorter or taller: taller ofc
70. Older or Younger: ?
71. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneously romantic :D
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: nice stomach and arms
73. Sensitive or loud: loud, but also sensitive, but not over sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: liat2 sikon

76. Kissed a stranger: no, and not looking forward to
77. Drank hard liquor: yes
78. Lost glasses/contacts: nope
79. Sex on first date: no, and will never
82. Been arrested: no
83. Turned someone down: yes
84. Cried when someone died: i cried when my dog died, does that count?
85. Fallen for a friend?: yep

86. Yourself: yes
87. Miracles: yes!
88. Love at first sight: been there, done that, so yes
89. Heaven: yes ofc
90. Santa Claus: i did when i was 5. so, no.
91. Kiss on the first date: if he's the right guy, why not?
92. Angels: yes

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: no ofc notttt
95. Did you sing today?: yesssss
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: NO. only an insane person wud do that
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: i wud change the times i regret the most
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: 12 september 2009
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: no
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: ocre

and the mouse, the new mouse if driving me crazy.
panah e gerak2 dewe sakarepe bokong >:(

what we could have been, 10:44 PM.
Friday, April 9, 2010

2months and 3 weeks and a coupla days.
Then I'll be at Melbourne, Australia. 
I'll start my college life.
I'm nervous. And excited. 
Well, nervous for the most part.
What if I'm not as ready as I thought I am?
What if I'll be a burden to my family?
What if I'll make my sister super busy?

And, what if I get homesick?

Oh, and I might go there only with my sister.
Since it's winter.
If mum and dad are going to, then we have to search for coats and boots.
And dont forget the cost.
It's JULY peopleeee.
Expensive, much?
I understand if they're not coming.
Well maybe I'm a little bit sad.


what we could have been, 6:20 PM.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

loveeeeeeeeeee this quote.
and I'm sure you do too, siskaa

oh, and congrats Andi for alreadyy having an apartment at Swanston :)
maybe I shud ngurusi mine too hahaha

what we could have been, 6:04 PM.

3 days of boredom.
This is only the 2nd day, but I kinda see what comin tomorrow.
Masuk sekolah tapi nguanggur sampe gila rasae @__@

this is why I want my laptop now.
In this time of boredom, well, I can bring it to school and watch dvd with the girlssss.

pengen skip school tapi ada halangan terosss.

Idk why but IA6 getting more fun these days.
We started to bond more di semester 2 klas 12.
Well, better late than never right? :))
yesterday we ordered KFC :9
Today hokben.
Tomorrow, we're expecting Ivonny's takoyaki :9
So saddd that in 2 months and a couple of days I'll be leaving my friends :(
Well going to Melbourne is one of the things I've been waiting for.
I thought the girls are goin to be just fine with me leaving, but when we talked ysterday, they said this :
 "Eh aku gak mau nganter ntik nangis lhoo.", "lho yaapa ya? nek ntik kepikiran nangis lho"
 awwwwwww :,)
love 'em :D

what we could have been, 6:02 PM.


16. awesomely awesome.

▪ new camera
▪ ipod touch

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